Why is the child’s learning environment so important?

The study environment, both at school and at home, is an essential aspect for the development of the boy and girl. In this way, having a supportive environment from an early age will be key to achieving very successful learning.

The learning environment in singapore international school refers to everything that surrounds boys and girls during their student years. If this environment is not suitable, it can lead to a series of important behavioral disorders in children that will impede good emotional and psychological development.

In this sense, both at school and at home, it is necessary to promote social relationships and support in the study. In this way, each time, in schools, activities are focused on group and project-based learning. The idea is to learn beyond books and memorizing, because a happy education is a guarantee of successful learning.

Among the solutions proposed by the centers to improve the environment is to promote a culture of peace, even including it as one more subject. In it, peaceful acts and habits in children would be encouraged, eliminating any loopholes related to violence. Also, as many schools have commented previously, the inclusion of teamwork will promote social relationships, avoiding those acts of hatred and contempt from some children to others.

In the end, the culture of peace aims to promote skills and instill values ​​in children of respect and conflict resolution in the best way, both at school and at home.

As examples, many schools find the implementation of methods of dialogue and consensus, also known as mediation techniques, so that children find the possibility of ending a conflict without reaching violence. All these techniques are key to promoting empathy, active listening and assertiveness among children, also increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.