Value of Auto Expert While purchasing a old car

If you do not feel comfortable doing these checks yourself, be aware that professionals are offering expert services to sellers or buyers. Following a thorough inspection of the vehicle, a full report will be submitted that will allow a transaction with confidence. Some even include a legal guarantee in case of a problem.

Regarding fares, still, count between 150 € and 250 € depending on the location of the expertise and the service: the expert can also help you determine the market value of the vehicle and thus assist you in the negotiation.

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The exterior

New paint:

 It is possible that the seller honestly wanted to make an effort to get rid of his car quickly. But beware, a coat of ceremonies can reveal an accident and a change to marble. Be wary if doors or hood are not properly aligned. It can be a clue. The sheet metal must be smooth, without traces of blows or blisters due to rust. Remember that straightening a sheet will cost you a few hundred Euros. used cars riverside ca  maintained a high quality.


They must descend and reassemble smoothly, and come hang perfectly against the joints. Watch out for future cold showers!

Rust: Today’s used cars no longer have important rust spots. The bodies are more and more resistant. But look at the interior faces of the doors, the window surrounds, the sills, the wing ways and the floor of the passenger compartment and the trunk. Any burst of paint may foreshadow the birth of rust spots.


 Check that the door, tailgate lid or trunk rubbers are in good condition. If the vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, also inspect its seams.


: Beware; it is mandatory that they are the same brand and identical size on the same axle. Then check their level of wear. Of course, there should be no hernia or tear on the side. The depth of the sculptures must be consistent. A little trick always works. When you insert a euro coin into a sculpture, the silver circle should not appear. Also, uneven wear shows a defect in the parallelism or inflation at erroneous values.

By shaking the front wheels in the horizontal axis, it is also possible to realize if there is a play in the direction. The whole of this examination must be thorough. Take your time: it’s about your safety. A tire in poor condition may burst and cause an accident. If you have doubts and want to change, tell the seller and bring this item into the negotiation.