Choosing the best fake pee for drug trust 2017

 Passing drug test for marijuana has become unfortunate reality for many Americans. Indeed, in today’s workplace, it is common practice for company to drug test an employee before incorporating them into their work force.

fake pee for drug trust 2017

This put people who are marijuana user in a difficult situation trying to balance between job and giving up their lifestyle. Inhaling marijuana has been proven to have no effect despite antiquated laws in US. With emergency of fake pee, you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle to pass a piss test in your work. Indeed, there are many synthetic types of urine for use that actually can pass 100% drug test. In this article we review the best synthetic urine to help you pass your annoying piss exam.

Let’s understand how synthetic urine work?

A synthetic urine test kit is used to provide you with fake human pee and it mimics your body natural human urine without toxin or drugs. With that it minds, let’s review the best synthetic piss in market.

Synthetic pee reviews 2017

  • U passes fake piss

 I cannot comment so much about U Pass and I can’t advise anybody to use it for drug test. Indeed, it has worst feedback and review on internet forum and posts. Apart from being said to be ineffective, people suggest that it did not work on when they used it. Other fake pee includes magnetic synthetic pee and p-sure synthetic urine which do not have good reputation so far. Also I cannot comment on them so much; you can grab one of them if you are cash strapped but be sure to get poor results on use.

  • Monkey Whizz synthetic urine

It is one of the synthetic drug that have good news about though have not interacted with it so much. The only disadvantage I hear from the people is that they’re a couple times where heat pad malfunctioned.

  • Quick fix 6.1

This is one of the best fake pee that prides itself for: Containing urine found in real human urine, having urine levels pH is the same as humans, containing correct gravity and having creatinine. I have interacted with stuff and I can assure it is just superb

  • Clear choice sub solution

If you’re looking for the best synthetic urine to use, I can advise you to go for clear choice sub solution.

Clear sub solution comes with temperature activator which you can use fake pee for drug test to raise the temperature unlike quick fix. Behind that it also comes with following advantages

  • 100% effective.
  • It has the best synthetic formula in market
  • Totally undetectable
  • Standard sixe container
  • Ideal heat source
  • Unix for male or female
  • 200% money back