Best robot cleaner in Singapore

Roborock S6 Pure offers precise laser navigation. With a few clicks of the phone, it creates a complete map of the house and cleans every room. This robot vacuum cleaner Singapore review gives you a perfect vacuum cleaner with super suction power for deep cleaning and an adaptive path for a faster cleaning process.


  • Up to 150 square meters (1610 square feet) can be cleaned at a time
  • Battery capacity 5200mAh
  • Up to 3 hours of work
  • Support for AmazonAlexa
  • 460 ml waste capacity
  • Battery capacity 5200mAh
  • 150 minutes working time

Points to note when buying a robot vacuum

  • Floor-type

As mentioned above, robot cleaners work on complex and smooth floors, so you need to decide which model is suitable for your type of floor. Some of them can switch between two types of flooring (wood and tile, etc.), which are the best. Some models require manual adjustment to change the type of floor. However, if you are using vinyl flooring, you will need a robotic vacuum with cleaning capabilities.

  • The size of your house

The range of robot vacuum cleaners is different. Some types are only suitable for small areas such as apartments, and others are suitable for large homes. Additionally, some robot vacuums are enormous and may not be suitable for furniture. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the space under the bed, sofa, wardrobe, drawer, etc.

  • Filter type

People with dust allergies, asthma, and other breathing disorders need a robotic vacuum with a HEPA filter. This filter removes fine dust, pollen allergies and prevents them from remaining in the exhaust gases.