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Tips To Increase Followers And Get More Likes On Instagram

Instagram is a social media application which allows sharing photographs with captions and Hashtags. With a huge user base, Instagram has also become an attractive place for businesses to promote their products and make their brand recognizable. Many bloggers on Instagram find it very easy to earn good money by selling products or by using affiliate links to sell products. In order to gain profit from instagram, it is essential to have good number of followers for your instagram page. This makes all the users to ponder on how to increase the number of followers and How to Get More Likes on Instagram.

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Here are a few tips to get more followers, which lead to good engagement on your insta page.

  1. Use images of good clarity. To stand out from the huge crowd on Instagram and attract followers to your page, always use good quality images of interesting subjects. Pay attention to the angles and lighting when clicking the pictures.
  2. Another most important point is to use the Hashtags creatively. Do a bit of research to find out the most popular Hashtags to generate more number of likes to your posts on instagram.
  3. Follow other people and like their photos. Engage with people in an interactive and interesting manner. Instagram is a cool place and you can make many new friends on this platform. Follow the people who are likeminded and share interesting photos, follow the brands that attract you and always follow your followers.
  4. You can also join instagram pods to make friends with likeminded people. Pods are a great place to meet new people. These groups follow simple set of rules and work for the benefit of all the members of the group. There are many types of pods such as speciality groups and niche groups which have some entry requirements. The members of the group like follow and comment on each other’s posts to increase the organic engagement on the posts.
  5. Select the most active time of your target audience to share your posts on Instagram. This is the time where most of your followers check their feeds and are most likely to go through your posts.

Follow these simple tips on How to Get More Likes on Instagram and get popular. Increase the engagement on your posts and get featured on Instagram Top Post page and Explore options.