Know about textra pro latest apk features

Let face it, the new stock of android messaging app has really sucked to the users. So time they are trying something new to use the app. The textra pro latest apk has seriously new and beautiful way to text the messages. The additional features of textra pro latest apk have lollipop design look, fluid and delightful usage. It is the number one ranked app for text message and MMS. Mostly youngster’s preferred textra pro latest apk because it has bunches of great features compared to another text message apps.

 It has material design themes, dark mode, quick snap camera and SMS blocker.

The floating support of lollipop style notifications and easily can be scheduled SMS and MMS messaging.

Most users have preferred the different style of emojis textra pro latest apk have 800+ emoji and voice memos.

It has multi-select option of picture gallery and a quick reply of the popup menu.

It is one of the best and easiest way to pass the MMS group messaging.

textra pro

It is one of the best protection app because it ensures new video messages cannot open automatically without user interaction it runs the exploit. Because the video messages can contain an exploit that is stagefright. The stagefright can harm your phone for that the textra pro latest apk protect your phone without any damage.

The textra pro latest apk have bug fixes and improved launching performance.

It has the GIF screen design compared to other apps.

One more new feature in the textra pro latest apk have android N notification and quick reply support to the user so that only it is user-friendly app.

So easy to handle the default or customization of contact details for bubble colors and signatures are available in the textra pro latest apk.