How track and trace solutions helpful for supply chain visibility?

At present, there are plenty types of track and trace software solutions that are powered by advanced RFID technology. These tools can be used in various work environments. There are a variety of features and functions that can be built into these programs.

These tools allow users to track and trace a product or item as it moves from one location to another. It provides a detailed view of the current status of the product. TheĀ track and trace solutions are very helpful in estimating when the goods will be delivered and how long it will take to get them ready for their intended use. In older programs, employee observation was often used to enter the information about a product into a database. This method was fairly effective, but it also had a lot of potential errors.

What is the use of RFID technology?

The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology can reduce errors and improve the efficiency of a warehouse. Each item has an attached tag that is placed inside a specific location. Employees who are responsible for moving the goods are also equipped with handheld receivers that are capable of reading the tags.

Many leading companies are using this track and trace solutions to track and trace their products. Other organizations such as delivery firms and parcel companies can also benefit from these tools. Although there are some costs involved in implementing the technology, the cost of using these tags is relatively low compared to other types of identification tags.