How to encourage people to invest in your company?

There are a lot of people who have showed interest in investing but not many know the right ways in which to invest and I’m not saying I’m any good at investing but Shubhodeep Das is judging by the way he got the board of investment of Thailand (BOI) to invest into his company during the pandemic itself. Its sure we can’t directly take advice from him, but we can use him as an example and start our own journey, especially the gen-z people who have shown extreme interest into business and investing. Honestly, we cant think of anything more secure than having your own business. Undoubtedly it will be a rocky road in the start and there is a possibility that you might feel like a failure but once it succeeds, it all seems worth it. You can make a business of anything as in there aren’t much restrictions on what you can base your business on, which is the best part of this world.

Shubhodeep Das

What is business, it’s nature and meaning.

We all know what business is in practical terms as we have heard the word being tossed around practically since we were born. If I were to explain business in a formal way then I’d say it refers to an enterprising entity or an organization which is used to carry out professional activities. They can be of different types such as commercial, industrial, or others. For all the profit business entities do business in order to earn a profit, while the non-profit ones do it for achieving a charitable mission. The basic nature of business is to satisfy it’s customers with quality goods and services that match their interests and fulfill their needs, eventually gaining a profit of their own.