The very popular kids game Roblox, that allows kids to create Three-Dimensional (3D) worlds and games is actually gaining a lot of ground in the digital world after amassing to $150-million dollars in funding because of its rising popularity among gamers, mostly children eight and up.

The company, however, did not fully disclose its valuation in this announcement but a trusted insider source which has the knowledge about this development secretly divulged some important details that Roblox is now worth more than $2.5-billion dollars. That staggering price is relatively the same as what Microsoft paid to buy Minecraft four years ago.

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For Roblox co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Baszucki, this is what they dreamed of before when they are still developing this child-friendly game. Earlier this year, Roblox made a huge announcement that it turned into a cash-flow positive, which means that the game is highly profitable which is intended to raise funds to provide more and more opportunities to acquire and to establish a strong foothold as the game continues to grow internationally.

Baszucki said that in order to support the growth of Roblox, they are going to expand their offices in the Asian region particularly in China next year and they are also reaching out other countries that they describe as potential partners to further widen the influence and popularity of the online game. However, it requires also to build physical infrastructures like offices and hire locals to support their expansion.

Recently Greylock Partners and Tiger Global along with other investors Altos Ventures, Index Ventures, Meritech Capital Partners and others joined Roblox’ $185-million dollars in equity funding, which is highly promising for the entire game and developers. As we all know, Greylock Partners is known to have success in developing games for social media platforms but Roblox is the first that the company was able to see a unification of the two platforms together in an amazing way.

Apparently, Greylock Partners and Baszucki have a connection for a long time already, no wonder it was easy for both companies to reach a good deal and took on the risk of investing in gaming companies which usually relies on creating new and interesting hits, which both companies saw the huge potential Roblox has in terms of business and development.

This is because Roblox is not just simply an online multiplayer game, it lets players develop their own games within the game itself that is why it was able to reach 70 million active users as we speak and there are more than four million creators that built 40 million plus different gameplays that have different and unique gaming experience within the Roblox universe.

With this massive gaming platform, it needs a lot of user-generated content which comes also with a lot of risks which comprises of explicit gaming contents that is why Roblox do not hesitate to ban and delete player avatars that violate the rules and standards of the game. Roblox developers always uphold user protection, user safety in all aspects of the game considering that majority of its gamers are children and youth.

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