How does a bail bond works?

When you get arrested, court will set a sum of money for your bail. This sum of money is the amount taken from you to get out from jail before the court date.  The amount of money depends upon the seriousness of the case and crime that you are accused. Why the courts charge you money for getting out of jail? The reason for bail bond is to make sure that the accused is around the city and gets to the court whenever the hearing comes.

Difference in the bail bond amount

Bail bond is set by the court depending upon the case seriousness. Sometimes it may be lower enough that you can afford by yourself. When the bond is high, you need to contact a bail bond service. Bail bond service works for you to get out of jail with their surety. For this, particular amount money should be given to them. Usually the representative of bonding company is called as bail bondsman or a bondsperson. Mostly higher bond will be reserved for criminal act than for misbehavior. When you hire a bondsperson, then the 10 or 20 percent of money that is assigned by court for you should be paid to them. Then with the bondsman being the security, you can get out from the jail.

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Is hiring bondsman necessary?

When the bail bond is high, you should have the source to pay that amount. If you do not have the source, then you should consider going with bail bondsman. Also locating them is not difficult. There are many sources to search for the bail bond people. When you are searching for bail bonds orange county, you have the access to biggest source of online. Search through that and you can easily locate one who can help you.

The rule for felony varies because of the severity in case. Few bail bond company asks for a co-signer who can give up guarantee if you do not appear for the court. When you consult a bondsman, all your information including pertinent details and a photo of you will be saves for further verification. Along with your details, you co-signer details will also be included in their registry. For a bail bondsman, he should be well known about you and your details. Also he has to be sure that you will appear for the court for each hearing. If bondsman thinks that all these details are true, then they stand to give the security for you in the court.