Guide to Episodes Cheat

One of the most interesting to do during free time is to spend playing a game. Online games that will allow a player to read and play innumerable stories is a good idea. Like, Episode: Choose Your Story, is a free game anyone can have access to play. It is an entertaining game that can be enjoyed by a lot of gamers.

The episode, is one of its kind game, as a player don’t need to win or lose anything in the game. Every story consists of many choices, which a player need to decide. Each choice will have path-breaking effects on the story. So, changes in the entire story will depend on every decision a player will make.

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Three Episode Cheats

Episodes cheats are one of the most popular things that a lot of gamers are looking for. The Episode cheats can be used on different devices, it could be an IOS or Android. This is created to help players in order to enhance their game performance. Episode cheats are for the players to save time and play the game faster. It was made to give additional game gems and passes as well.

  1. Collecting Gems is one of the best ways to have episodes cheat on the game. It is considered as the primary currency which is required to purchase different things in the game. Gems can help a player in making a decision in the game, it can be a basis to change the path of the story. Earning a gem needs a player to work hard more in the game but some prefer to buy it instead. There are rewards available in the game including the daily bonus in the form of gems by logging every day.
  1. 2. Get passes, a lot of stories available in the Episodes game and each of this consists of many chapters. But, the thing is the first few episodes are locked and can’t be read, then a player needs to earn passes. Passes is the way to continue to read the story and new chapters. There will be no progress in the game without passes. So, earning passes is a very important activity in the game.
  1. Publish a story, it is one of the unique features of the game that a player can make a benefit out of it. Players of Episodes game can always display their creativity to the world through publishing their own stories. Writing stories can make big changes in the game, however, it can consume a lot of time. This kind of episodes cheat can give players a great opportunity. Once the story gets published it can be read by the entire gamers. Another is players can also get free passes and gems at the same time.


The Episodes game has a lot of stories collection that can enhance one’s creativity. With this kind of game, it can give every individual the freedom to showcase their skills in arts and at the same time in decision making.