Five main characteristics of an electronic cigarette

The switch is automatic or manual. The automatic switch is activated when the smoker takes a puff. Manual involves pressing a button on the side of the battery before puffing. Automatic switches break faster, especially due to fluid leakage. Best Delta 8 Carts of modern batteries operate with manual switches.

Voltage – usually in the range of 3.2 – 6 volts. The higher the voltage, the hotter, as a rule, the steam, and the more often the liquid burns. Many e-liquids smoke best at 5 volts, others are too high. Most e-cigarette starter kits for beginners work with a voltage in the region of 3.2 – 4.3 volts. Your best bet is to buy just such a cigarette. High voltage usually means both a higher price and additional difficulties in use.

Battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliamp-hour). The higher the mAh value, the longer it will last without recharging. Small electronic cigarettes run on a 150-200 mAh battery, large ones up to 2800-3000 mAh (on mods). For most, two 650 mAh batteries last a day. Me too, but not every day – it also happens that I smoke/soar non-stop, then it takes three.

Thread type – 510, 801, 808, 901, or branded (not compatible with anything). The thread with which the battery and atomizer are connected. If the thread does not fit, then you can always use an adapter (or almost always – it can be quite difficult to find them on a branded thread). For example, a small and inexpensive adapter will help you use an 808 atomizer on an original 510 battery.

Thread 510 and 808/901 are currently the most popular – it is with this thread that most atomizers/cartomizers are produced. As for me, there is no big difference in what kind of thread. 808 and 901 models have similar threads. Before purchasing e-cigarette components, ask your dealer if they will fit together if in doubt.

Charger – most starter kits come with a charger that can work from USB or a regular wall outlet. There are special “straight adapters”, or similar batteries (there is often a battery inside), only with a cable that can be connected to a USB port (for example, on a laptop), and smoke without fear that the battery may be discharged.

┬áMany mods, and even some commercial mods, run on standard batteries – that is, those that can be bought at an electronics store. Small e-cigarettes can be charged in a special recharging pod that looks like a pack of regular cigarettes and charges your batteries on the go plus it usually holds a spare battery and a couple of small cartridges.